Armored reconnaissance and patrol car BRDM. In russian soldier's argot it calls "Bardak". Needs gasoline. Cross country capacity: high, can be used on water. Arming: Kalashnikov machine gun with ammo 7,62.

Details Edit

  • Item Weight: 7 tons
  • Attack: 4500
  • Protect: 10000
  • Rest Bonus: 75%
  • Radiation resist: 80 %
  • Protection against biting: 95 %
  • Protection against fractures: 95 %
  • Protection against bullet wound: 95 %
  • Protection against acid: 95 %
  • Light bonus: 50 %
  • Speed bonus: 500 %
  • Capacity: 6 tons
  • Fuel Consumption per 100 km: 30 L. (Diesel)
  • Shop: 20000 Caps

Found Edit

Only one can be found. Its location is Saint Petersburg (aka Leningrad) at the monument in the middle.

Repair Edit

Bardak broken



  • Pieces of armored car x20 Donetsk

To repair, you will need some Tires, Auto spare parts and the tool kit.

Real LifeEdit

BRDM original

original russian BRDM "Bardak"

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