"It was a mine truck before, but now it is a personal moving city"

Details Edit

  • Protect: 30000
  • Radiation: 95%
  • Biting: 95%
  • Fractures: 95%
  • Bullets: 95%
  • Acid: 95%
  • Light: 90%
  • Sleep: 100%
  • Maximum Workload: 200 tons.
  • Very fast in towns
  • 70 km/h in Wasteland
  • 20 km/h in Water

Additional benefits Edit

BelAZ doesn't wear out/break and doesn't require any fuel (it starts out at 5% worn but doesn't

wear out any further.)

It can be used to kindle a fire in 1 minute.

How to get one Edit

To get started, you'll need to talk to a man in the city of Mirny in the Mid Eastern area of the map to trigger the quest Moving City

Belaz Location

real Life Edit

Original BelAZ

Original BelAZ

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