"It was a mine truck before, but now it is a personal moving city"

BelAZ doesn't wear out/break and doesn't require any fuel (it starts out at 5% worn, but doesn't wear out any further). Its great payload and speed makes it the ultimate truck to roam the wastelands.

Details Edit

  • Protect: 30 000
    • Radiation: 95%
    • Lacerations: 95%
    • Fractures: 95%
    • Bullets: 95%
    • Acid: 95%
  • Light: 90%
  • Sleep: 100%
  • Maximum Workload: 200 tons.
  • Road speed: 56 km/h
  • Off-road speed: 50 km/h
  • Water speed: 20 km/h

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

The only way to craft it is to complete the Moving City quest, that starts with "Vladimir", near the city of Mirny in the Mid Eastern area of the map.

Shopping Edit

  • Transport tab : BelAZ x1 for 150,000 caps

In real life Edit

Original BelAZ :

Original BelAZ