Bleeding  quickly increases the exhaustion (2x faster) of your organism often leading to death. Bleeding rate decreases very slowly. to lower it use bandages and sterile bandages, which you can either find or make by tearing clothes. </p>

 Things That Increase Bleeding. Edit

  • Lacerations.
  • Fighting with entities.
  • Pulling out a Grenade pin. ( What are you, a mad man? ) It causes 9999 Bleeding, which goes down to 9998 automatically. Instantly killing you.

Things That decrease BleedingEdit

  • Sterile Bandages
  • Rags ( Tear clothing items )
  • Although you have to get the bleeding down to Zero, Drugs such as Protosepame, And Sulfatanide temporarly lower the bleeding effect , giving you time to use bandages
  • Eating the Red Mushroom ( not recommended )