• Nightmeow75

    Even if I have not been here for that long I really do please if someone asks for help... I will try all my best to contribute to this Wiki and everything about it. If you need all the Day R Trade routes tell me as I have a spreadsheet of all possible trade routes in English, Spanish, and Russian. If you can translate from English to anything else on the day r game please tell me so I can give you access to translate it. You will recieve credit for translating it. That is all I have to say.

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  • Dameonb16


    February 25, 2018 by Dameonb16
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  • Uuffa

    hace poco llegue al refugio de supervivientes y no eh podido cumplir la mision de encontrar 4 lobesnos

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  • Zachibus

    THIS is how you get a lot of stuff easily:

    1.Make sure you can save whereever you want OR that there is a Savepoint near.

    2.Find a good Bandit camp(if you dont have premium,take those with a savepoint near them)

    3.get some armour and 5 Molotov Cocktail(or less)(more work too ;-))

    4.Save your game BEFORE you enter the bandit camp

    5.Attack the bandit camp(if your chance is

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  • Anbang11


    May 22, 2017 by Anbang11


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  • Matty386

    Map done - now where

    April 9, 2017 by Matty386

    Well I have made a new map , had to trim it down  and compress the crap out of it to meet size restrictions. sorry people this makes it look a bit ugly but at least you can have and see it now. And yes I did notice the error for Astana my pin move of the city. I have fixed it in my version but any other errors or additions welcome I will add/fix them and I will repost it one day.

    Well if people keep making new pages for items I’ll happy add the images. Thanks to those who have already.


    I will focus on something soon just not sure. So for now I will help update pages people add and clicking the random page and say what can I add to this.

    I still have not updated my main account v454 so I do have all the new gear the profile that I have is sti…

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  • Matty386


    April 7, 2017 by Matty386

    my Activites list,

    Random  ... always

    Buildings and material are the current focus, and Cities as I get facts on them

    Background project is I am making a new map, this is a lot harder than I thought but I hope this is a cool one.

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  • Balle perdue

    What it remains for me

    January 10, 2017 by Balle perdue

    Fuck of the day! It was time for me to rest, I will not cover a mile more. When I throw my bag on the ground, it strikes a stone and tears. Later I'll have to fix it but I'm used to it now, I do it mechanically. Today I took too much pills that take away my fatigue, but now I felt that I needed a real rest. Time to find a little wood, I light a fire, I will sleep under the stars this night, I do not even have the strength to build me a makeshift shelter.

    In front of me, the KamAZ overflows with material, I carry the second part of the nuclear reactor and a lot of construction equipment. This very morning I was in Sotchi. The city has changed a lot, we no longer even recognize the facilities of the Olympic Games. Fortunately I was able to ge…

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  • Angreyyoungsoldier

    Trading centre

    October 14, 2016 by Angreyyoungsoldier

    SO wastlanders..welcome. Hope you are surviving. 

    There's been a new construction in the wasties. It is a Trading centre to help out those in need.

    Yes!!!!!! Its like the BIGGEST SUPERMARKET(or supercamp whatever you wanna call it...LOL) of the wastelands. It has been developed by angreykalumirw #akm. This page is just for the sake of discussing issues related to the centre. The location of the centre is at the Abandoned Train. We have got all kinds of stuff for newbies and more stuff for Pros too. This is our own Little idea.

    LOCATION DETAILS Trading centre issued

    The PRINCIPLE is extremely simple. The new players(newbies) who have hard time surviving the game will get supplies from  like:


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  • Noxygen100


    June 13, 2016 by Noxygen100

    atm I am very active at this wiki.

    fell free to contact me if something is wrong.

    @admin: can I become admin to?

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