Brick house-0

You can build a little brick house.

  • Fullness bonus 50%
  • Sleep bonus 100%
  • Special bonus: the hunger and thirst never go up (it go up, and then go down automatically)(that's actually the Fullness bonus from above. Moreover, hunger and thirst do go up, it's just slower, as it should be, given that you're getting hungry twice slower)

Recipe Edit

Requires: (Survival skill lvl 8)


  • Brick house x1
  • Mechanical skill + ?

If you already own a house your components change:

Brick x50,000

Firewood x10,000

Nail x1000

Steel x10,000

Cement x50

Iron Pipe x10

Workbench and scrap metal are no longer part of the list, having been used in the building of the house.

Trivia Edit

  • The nails can be a problem if you want to build the house away from towns.
  • It is a good idea to use a UAZ/KamAZ/BelAZ for the bricks
  • You can also build the house directly inside a town on top of a building with a lot of bricks & wood, so that you avoid fuel costs of transporting 50k bricks outside of town.
  • Brick House can be purchased in the shop for 25,000 caps.
  • Don't do this for EXP as you already have maxed it out... seriously what the  ?

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