These Bandits are a secluded gang as they are not found wondering around their base.

It is the last location for the Retribution quest

Location Edit


This bandit camp is in the far east. It is a few days travel beyond Irkutsk (rather far)

Travel to the second part of family matters and you will find it

Loot: Edit

  • 14 Helicopter parts (MI-24)
  • Human Corpse 28
  • Makarov Handgun x3 (for me)
  • Ammo for Makarov Handgun
  • Assault Rifle Ak-74
  • Ammo for Ak-74
  • SVD
  • RPG-7
  • PG-7
  • RPKx2
  • Gasoline x190k
  • Diesel x145k
  • Canned Beef/Pork
  • Salt x90
  • Condensed Milk x4
  • Cigarettes x34
  • Flemincillin x23
  • Vodka x11
  • Pure water x50
  • Caps x800

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