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Their camp is named "village" is and is located between Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk

It is suggested to attack with heavy weapons or the Bardak attack (5000+)

Location Edit

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Loot Edit

  • T-72 spare part x15
  • Human corpse x 24
  • Makarov x3
  • Pistol ammo x86
  • AK-74 x5
  • AK-74 ammo x71
  • SVD x3
  • Riffle ammo x32
  • RPG-7 x2
  • PG-7 ammunition x10
  • PKM x1
  • Jacket, Pant, Boots, Ushanka
  • Gasoline x103,788
  • Canned food, 100 clean water, vodka, cigarette, salt, bandage