You can swap caps for new items in the shop.

With caps you can buy many objects at the shop, example Tool Kits, Sewing Kits, armours, weapons and vehicles, but the last are very expensive (150k caps for BelAZ).

Great for getting you out of a tight situation or just to get you more fuel to drop of that last bit for the moving city quest. or just to make life easy.

Obtaining Caps Edit

  • The Premium version you start with 2.5k caps
  • Watching Ads give you 10 for each
  • Drinking Pepsi gives 1 cap.
  • Camp Bandits can drop between 10 and 50 caps, and their Forts can drop up to 1k caps.
  • (@460) Bandit city forts also drop caps

Trivia Edit

  • The caps have "DayR" written in top
  • Who are the craziest man, the same who reuniting 1k caps at train
  • The caps don't have any weight, and can't be dropped
  • Caps are the new money in post apocalyptic world (DayR, Fallout, Mad Max, and so on)
  • Caps cannot be traded in on-line games (nether can pepsi)