Motocart broken

Details Edit

  • Weight of 1 piece: 50 kg
  • Max. Workload:120 kg
  • Item remains unbroken for:1000 km (new)
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km: 3.5l
  • Fuel type: gas

Assemble Edit

Scheme unblocked in mechanics lvl 4


  • Bicycle x1
  • Cart x1
  • Chainsaw(no fuel) x1
  • Machine oil x1k
  • Scrap Metal x20
  • Glue or Duct tape x10
  • Firewood x10
  • Nail x20
  • Rag x20
  • Tools


  • Cargo Motor Trike x1
  • Mechanics +50 exp.



  • Bicycle spare parts x1
  • Scrap Metal x5
  • Glue x5
  • Tools


  • -20% wearout 
  • mechanics +5 exp.


Added in v.436

This Vehicle is a basically, bicycle with a cart and a wooden box, and a chainsaw as a motor.

perfect for people who dont like move they're legs

A good vehicle for survivalists, if you know where to find gas

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