In this Category I will try to collect each Building you can found in Day R. Also I will give an overwiew about possible loot and the cities where the building can be found.

NOTE: At the moment i looks like that the findable loot is an bit differet between each player, so the here listet loot is what I found in my game. If someone added loot, please leave your Ingame name next to your edit. thank you!

I think that depends on what loot items you have(e.g. Crowbar, Binoculars, Flashlight, Flint Axe, Axe, Commander's Watch ... try to have as many of those as possible and look at your Search bonus in Characteristics). So if you have more of those items and better "Loot" statistic, then you will find more items. However, the set of all possible items should be limited, so for example you can't find batteries in a hospital(only in a Radio shop), or a cart in a Garage(only in a construction site, but if you're "lucky"). Currently I have +80% Search bonus - I find a cart in almost every construction site. Thus I don't plan to put my name, I hope you understand that this is needless.

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