Battle base

In the following pages you can Explore possible loot from different enemies


  • Possible enemies are displayed in the "Search" panel
  • Victory % depends on your Power statistics: (Weapon power * (1+ 10% * (weapon skill lvl))
  • Amount of Injuries depends on Def stat (E.g. hunting with a car / truck => 500 / 1000 additional Def bonus)

Injuries Edit

There are two types of Enemies, and they cause different groups of injuries

  • Wild animals may cause laceration wounds, which generally cause
  • Bandits may cause bullet wounds which generally cause ,
  • The chance for trauma is shown in the Statistics page and depends on used armor and vehicle

Weapons Edit

  • You can use a weapon from your inventory, but you cannot use weapons from the ground
  • Weapon, armor and vehicle will wearout after battle

Multiplayer Edit

  • If you play in Multiplayer mode and there are other players around you, the power of everyone is summed when you enter a battle, so you act as a team (but you receive the same injuries due to your defense point do not get summed up)

add in list Edit

  • ...


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