Items that are in Survival and Components tab in your Inventory (includes non-weapon Equipment).

Need: Edit

You will find many items and some are useful and some are essential. Early on it is best to travel light so you travel fast. "But what to I take?" in on-line games many people say "Just take what you need" good words but what do they mean?, Well apart from food,water, and Medicine below is a list of Very useful items you should carry all the time. You may want also want to carry items to repair or fuel your transport too.

Very useful items Edit

The list of Items below are grouped by items that do the same thing so you may only need one type of them. Items in Bold item are Essential and when you really need to drop everything don't drop these

Food and Water should always be carried the quantity depends on you travel or ability to get more. Medicine is tricky but its light so generally carry it all except if your carrying hundreds of it. People have found 20 of each is heaps and you should be able to get out of any fix with that and get back to your base.

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