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Skill Training Edit

Chemistry skill Edit

Boil dirty water, until you are able to synthesise bone glue. With your new clean water and rags (see sew skill training) travel to the train station. (This is a save point) Once there you can disassemble skeletons to receive plenty of bones, which you can use to synthesise an abundance of bone glue.

Cooking Skill Edit

Find, kill, and fry all of the rats you can find while also making sure you collect salt from Intact houses and Canteens to cook Tailed Rissoles.

Generally, just keep cooking everything you find. Killing animals (wolves, lynx's etc) in order to cook Meet Rissoles, Ukha (fish soup) and mushroom soup are the most beneficial.

Once your cooking skill reaches level 3 repeatedly kill animals to cook food (as above) and just rinse and repeat to obtain higher levels.

Forging Skill Edit

Scrapping Nails is one of the most efficient ways to increase this skill as they are fairly common. Nails can be made with a Forging Skill of 1 (level 1) and a Forge Chimney. They can be scrapped 50 at one time. (50 x 3 nails = 150 nails) so that you gain 50 XP; this is usually faster compared to crafting. 

Mechanical Skill Edit

Resources and sometimes Tool Kits for this are hard to find a lot of or to make, so break down anything you find; Cars, broken bicycles, and weapons (these need no pre-requisite level required). If you have a vehicle, always keep it repaired so you don't break down and also get XP for Mechanical skill

If you can make your self weapons then do that. Early on you can find an abundance of flint, wood. You can also synthesise a lot of bone glue (see Chemistry/sew skill training). You can make heaps of knives or axes but you may want the nails for forging skill.

Sewing Skill Edit

Ripping cloth and clothes is the best way so every item you find said items tear them (unless you wear them). You can use the cloths for making bone Glue (see Chemistry/Mechanical skill training) or you can make cloth wrapping for feet (footwraps) or self made hat (best for XP Rag ratio) then just rip them down again (you will slowly lose rags but you get XP

The following skill have no real way to speed levels
other than just using them or by books.
This does not mean they are not useful to gain levels,
but there is no optimal way speed it up 
other than attacking rats in the Noobville 
because the damage is low or nothing
It will bethe ammo and weapons that will be the problem.

Explosive Skill Edit

Explosive weapons are hard to come by but self made weapons are the best as they can be crafted (cocktail molotov).

Firearm Skill Edit

A good early skill to have but ammo and weapons can be hard to find. City fort bandits are a good source if you can take them on and live.

Survival Skill Edit

An essential skill but can only be increased by Time and Books


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