Changes to Trades at v.460

qty Trade qty Get
2000 (-1000) Gasoline 1 Colloidal sulfur
200 (+100) Flour 1 Auto Battery
1 Potato 50 (+40) Nail
5(+1) Salt 1 Flour
100 (+80) Nail 1 Tea
1 Steel Cable 20(+15) Cigarettes
1 Honey 10(+5) Soap
1 Chlorcistamin 2 (+1) Honey
200 (-50) Sugar 1 Cement
20 (+15) Coffee 1 Chlorcistamin

These change make the moonshine cycle almost the same (+25%)

But the Potato cycle now much more profitable (+160%)

Google sheet trade route:

Shows what to trade for and calculated amounts and weight

Trade Routes

Trade route sample

Example (Values no longer valid)


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