A standard bag of cement, 25 kg. It seems that it is still usable.

Details Edit

  • Item weight : 25 kg

While only mildly interesting for the nomad, cement is the gold bar of the constructor, to be hoarded and treasured.

For any type of base setup, having cement is invaluable : every tier 2 and 3 permanent construction needs cement. You will need big quantities of this construction material if you ever intend to set up several supply & repair bases during your travels (forge + well), and huge quantities if you ever intend on creating a great primary base with all the top-level buildings (the steel furnace requires 50 cement, as well as the brick house – and every greenhouse you build comes at 8 cement cost, which adds up pretty quickly). A fully furbished and upgraded base easily takes over 100 bags of cement to set up; soaring into the 200s and more if you build several greenhouses.

Obtaining Edit

There are basically 3 ways to obtain cement.

Looting Edit

Since cement is quite heavy to carry around on a bicycle or motorcycle, you may want to mark the construction sites you encounter early game to come back later on with a heavier vehicle to pick it up. Also, once you get the electromobile, you can start scouring the map on a cement hunt at no fuel cost (be sure to bring repair components though, the car wears out fast) : with decent supplies for food, healing and repair, the elecromobile can carry roughly 16-20 cement, enough to worth the hunt.

NPC Trading Edit

  1. The nail route route :
    • Nails > Tea (Petropavlovsk)
    • Tea > Sugar (Novosibirsk)
    • Sugar > Cement (Krasnoyarsk)
    • You can forge nails out of scrap, which is free and abundant (broken cars = huge amounts of scraps, and they're basically everywhere). Be advised, though, one bag of tea costs 100 nails : hundreds of thousands (plural!) of nails are needed to obtain a decent amount of cement (50+) for heavy construction needs (don't sell all your sugar either, you still need it in food and for chemical recipes).
    • It's very -very- time consuming, for example 50+ cement takes almost a year doing nothing but that, but it does gives you access to a virtually unlimited supply of cement. It's basically the “sure” way to gather enough cement for your construction needs. It pays off in the end, but arm yourself with patience to get there. Lots of it.
  2. The cirular trade route :
    • Cement > 50 Coffee (Irkutsk)
    • 50 Coffee > 2,5 Chlorcystamine (Krasnoyarsk)
    • 2,5 Chlorcystamine > 5 Honey (Novosibirsk)
    • 5 Honey > 50 Soap (Omsk)
    • 50 Soap > 10 Acid sulfuric (Sverdlovsk)
    • 10 Acid sulfuric > 10k Gasoline (Tyumen)
    • 10k Gasoline > 5 Colloidal sulfur (Sverdlovsk)
    • 5 Colloidal sulfur > 100 Potatoes (Chelyabinsk)
    • 100 Potatoes > 5000 Nails (Magnitogorsk)
    • 5000 Nails > 50 Tea bags (Petropavlovsk)
    • 50 Tea bags > 250 Sugar (Novosibirsk)
    • 250 Sugar > 1,25 Cement (Krasnoyarsk)
    • Beware this trade route is not profitable with lower tier vehicles. Nails and cement are heavy, and you will travel a total of 6070 km per cycle at least. Kamaz or e-car are strongly recommanded.
    • The profit margin is 25%, meaning you'll get 10 extra cement bags when starting with 40, 25 starting with 100, ...

Shopping Edit

  • 2 cements for x250 caps in the construction tab of the Shop

Basically the easy way out : 2 cement for 250 caps. Early game, this is a very steep price, but in the mid and later stages of the game, once you have watched hundreds of ads and vanquished countless bandit bases, you will find yourself with quite a stash of caps to spend – and cement may be a good purchase. (In the later stages of the game, pretty much nothing in the shop will still be interesting to purchase, save for fuel, cement, and maybe weapon training books.

Not necessarily your best option if you want to acquire big quantities of cement (the 50 cement required to build a furnace or a brick house will cost you a whopping 6 250 caps!), but if you find yourself missing only a few cement bags for a project, then it's worth paying just to avoid the hassle of the two other previous ways. Take note, if you intend on completing all the quests in the game: do NOT spend all your caps on cement: you will need to preserve a large quantity of caps to buy diesel fuel to transport the nuclear reactor parts from Chernobly to Minry (basically from one end of the map to the other). Diesel fuel is extremely rare on the map (except a few abundant places you will find mid-game) and unless you want to interrupt your journey for months at a time to buy diesel from sulfuric acid at Tiumen, you will want to retain a caps reserve for fuel purposes.

Usage Edit

Cement is used for constructions listed bellow, belonging to the Survival skill or to the Blacksmithing skill :

Trivia Edit

  • It's heavy, don't carry it when you're still a nomad in the early stages of the game. Mark down locations where to find it.
  • It's rare, so don't waste it. Plan carefully your bases.