Chitin set

Chitin Armour

Sanya of Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp wants to start construction of Chitin Armor but does not have the tools.

Diamond file

Diamond file


Pobedit Drills

she asks you get the tools she needs:

  • 10 Diamond Files
  • 10 Pobedit Drills.

These can be found in Garages and Department stores.

Once you return with these items she then asks for Chitin to make the Armour

To make the armour she needs:



You can get Chitin, by killing Giant Bees from in and around Ufa.

When you return to Sanyua with the chitin you will be rewarded.

This quest is not repeatable, but you can repair the Chitin Armor.


  • 200 caps
  • Chitin Armor full set

This is the last Quest form Sanya

Hints Edit

To find the Drills and files a loop of the cities below should find all you need.

To get the Chitin head to Ufa and the area around to find them

Chitin quest file drill

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