Chitin set

Quest-Start Sanya of Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp wants to craft a Chitin Armor but does not have the proper tools or materials. You will help her get them in exchange for a full set.

  1. She will first ask you to get the tools she needs:
    • Diamond file x10
    • Drill x10
    These can be found in Garages and Department stores.
  2. Once you return with these items, she will ask for chitin to make the Armour. She needs:
    • Chitin x30
    You can get chitin by killing Giant Bees from in and around Ufa.
    When you return to Sanya with the chitin, she will take the chitin and give you a chitin set in exchange.


  • 200 Caps
  • Chitin Armor full set

This is the last Quest form Sanya

Tips Edit

This quest is not repeatable, but you can repair the Chitin Armor or buy a new one for a hundred chitin.

To find the tools bits, have a look at nearby cities.

To get the Chitin, head to Ufa radioactive area and hunt bees.

Chitin quest file drill