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A can of condensed milk in all of it's greatnessv422

"A whole can of condensed milk will immediately reduce your hunger"

- in-game description

"Real молоко goodness"

- Comrade Boris

Statistics: Edit

Weight of 1 piece: 200 grammes

Found in: Edit

  • Canteen Столовая (Stolovaya) in world map
  • Grocery store продуктовый (Produktoviy) in world map
  • School in world map

When eaten: Edit


  • Condensed milk x1


Recipe: Edit

Boiled Condensed Milk


Trivia Edit

  • Greatly reduces hunger
  • One of the best last-resort food.
  • Boiling is usually not necessary, because if you have a Spoon and a Saucepan you will reduce 96 Hunger

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