• Item weight : 1 g

Currently 3 vehicles require diesel : KamAZ truck, Mi-24 Helicopter, T-72 Ural Tank.



NPC Trading

  • Sulfuric acid x1 > Diesel x2k (Tiumen)

Example of trade route to get x (1,000,000) diesel, starting for Ufa's honey :

  • 1 honey > 10 soap
  • 10 soap > 2 sulfuric acid
  • 2 sulfuric acid > 4k diesel
  • Following this road, you’ll need 250 honey for 1,000 k Diesel. The beehive represents 130-150 honey per tile, or a total of ~1,250 honey pots, that can be traded for 5,000 k diesel. It currently seems honey won't respawn while the Queen of bees is alive. Beware not to kill her too often, as she gets stronger every time.

Electric car is recommanded to save fuel when trading.


  • 200k gasoline for 500 caps