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Electro mobile


Welcome to the Future

This is the most wanted Vehicle.after the BelAZ

Details Edit

  • Weight of 1 piece: 780kg
  • Protect: 250
  • Light bonus: 50%
  • workload: 540kg
  • Doesn't need fuel (no fuel at all!) i don't know how it works, but it works, really!
  • if it breaks the turns in to what is need to make it with common parts missing. the quest items are intact so you can make it again.

Recipe Edit



Electromobile x1

Some tips:

Repair Edit


  • Auto spare parts x5
  • Sulfuric acid x1
  • Wire x5
  • Insulating tape x5
  • Tool kit


Mechanics +5

Trivia Edit

  • On-line people refer to it as eCar
  • The electrocar is, basically, an electro-powered car.
  • Ironically, the car shows a big wearout rate.
  • A scheme is discovered on Mechanics level 10(11 for Real-mode difficulty) (the unique use of Nuclear battery)
  • It can be crafted in the free version, after completing the Retribution quest (for Nuclear battery) and the survivor camp quest mini-hydro Power Plant Quest from Viktor of Tiuman
  • From the repair option, doesn't need to change the tires.
  • the dream of all players is a fusion between this vehicle and other better (eKamAZ?)
  • has a lower workload than common ZAZ
  • Can be used in water (swimming action) without any problem
  • In display promo image, appears with the survivor, with the leather cloak, tire armor, gas mask, AK-74, ushanka ,tourist backpack (with water pipe, steel cable,rope,insulate tape and firewood], and tamed “lvl. 5” wolf\