Quest to find your family

*Recommended pre-requisite is the Moving City Quest because it will make this one so much easier

to complete*

Starts right at the beginning of the game when you are sleeping you have a dream about your daughter Sasha

1) I woke up I in a terrible sweat. This nightmare made me remember my family! My wife Galya and my daughter Sasha.... O have to find them! We have an apartment in Vladivostok... I have to go there.

  • Go to Vladivostok (far South East corner of the map).
Find and repair the Mi-24 Helicopter and use the BelAZ to take it with you to Vladivostok 

2) ... todo.



you then need to go to Yakutsk Survivors Camp North West of it. Talk to the base members, go to Sangar Bandit Camp switch to Mi-24 Helicopter and attack (save before and reload until you win).

Talk with Sasha: choose any of the available options, it makes no difference, she stabs you at the end so be prepared with medicines/healing blood.

After that, just start back to where your base is or just waste time by driving around in BelAZ for a while. Sasha will attack twice with your Mi-24 Helicopter and Eagle Corpse Hunters take away corpses. Fight back only if you want experience otherwise just escape.

Sasha will eventually crash and you will go and save her. Talk to her and bandage her (she's in your Inventory in Quest items). Waste more time and she will tell you the story of the war and her mother and grandfather in snippets broken by more time wasting. Sasha will fall asleep repeatedly but eventually finish the story and leave.

Spoiler: end quest: the ending you can't change because there's only one choice:

"Sasha's gone. I couldn't stop her. My brave and reckless daughter... I'll be waiting for you. When you sate your vengeance, you'll realize the importance of other things... just like I did. And you'll come back to me..."

Quest complete!.