"If you like to have chance to defeat the harsh world you need to take care of your body basic needs. this time, I show you the bendition and maldition of human: Fatigue"

  • Shows how Rested are you.

Beware, Survivor, a long time without rest is dangerous, If you are too tired (280/300/320+, depending on difficulty level) you get a fainting spell, in other words, you collapse of Fatigue and tiredness and you cannot wake up until you have recovered Fatigue below these values. If you have an alarm clock and an item that reduces fatigue in the hotbar then spam tapping the item(like lidacide) will reduce fatigue and wake you up. If you do not have an alarm clock then you will rest like if you pressed the rest button.

  • Sleeping decreases exhaustion and fatigue.
    • Some items make sleeping faster, like a fire, a hut of branches, a tent, a sleeping bag, houses, and vehicles.
  • Drugs, mushrooms and beverages can reduce fatigue.
    • Lidacid-35 -150 fatigue.
    • metocoin/Metokoin -300 fatigue in a period of 2 days and -50 fatigue to start
    • Black mushrooms -100 fatigue, but also gives +20 radiation
    • (hot) Coffee -50 Fatigue
    • (hot) Tea -30 Fatigue
    • Pepsi -25 Fatigue

Some diseases and traumas can increase fatigue.

  • When a natural disaster happens with a pop-up, your character wakes up immediately, or if an event(rats stealing food) happens.
  • If you work till you faint (320%) you may get sleepy sickness

There is a bug in the game, if you rest (wait), your fatigue decreases. However, natural disasters will wake you up without lowering your fatigue, effectively making you tired of resting. This can be used to raise your fatigue even over a thousand, for bragging rights.