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Crosses area

The Gang of "Crosses" are found beyond Omsk

Their camp is Barabinsk

It is suggested to attack with high powered firearms or heavy weapons.

Location Edit

about 75 Km radius from the camp

about the the location of the first villages along the railway line east and west of the camp.

Raiders Edit


  • Exhaustion
  • Bleeding
  • Fatigue


  • 1x Human corpse
  • 3-13x Caps
  • 1-2x Assault rifle AK-74
  • 12-25x Cartridges for AK-74
  • 0-1x Respirator
  • 0-1 Canned beef
  • 0-1 Canned Pork
  • 0-1x Jacket
  • 0-1x Pants
  • 0-1x Boots
  • 0-1x Hat
  • 0-1x Pure water
  • 0-1x Vodka
  • 0-1x Sterile bandage
  • 0-1x Matches

Trivia Edit

  • Also useful for the Weapons Quest

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