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Red wolfs

Red Wolfs Area of Influence

The Gang of "Red Wolfs" are located beyond Novosibirsk to the SE

They are found around their camp Lenisk-kuznet skij

It is suggested to attack with Attack 4000+ (heavy weapons or explosives)

There are about 8 encounters before the roaming gang disapear

Gang Edit


  • Exhaustion
  • Bleeding


  • Ammo for AK-74 x0 - x17
  • Ammo for a revolver x0 - x9
  • Assault rifle AK-74 x0 - x1
  • Boots x0 - x1
  • Canned Beef x0 - x1
  • Canned Pork x0 - x1
  • Hat x0 - x1
  • Jacket x0 - x1
  • Matches x0 - x1
  • Pants x0 - x1
  • Pure Water x0 - x1
  • Respirator x0 - x1
  • Revolver x0 - x1
  • Sterile Bandage x0 - x1
  • Vodka x0 - x1
  • Human Corpse x1
  • Caps x1 - x20

Trivia Edit

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