Weight of 1 piece:1 gramme

Gas is one of the most important resources in DayR.

  • used in Cars, Primus stoves, Syntezhise some medicines and making Torches (new version).
  • The gas is a limited resource on wasteland, so, Save it like gold. Don't become Mad.

Ways to find:

  • Gas station
  • Garage
  • By defeating some bandits in their camps
  • In new version use the option "Drain Fuel", it don't requires any tool (only your hands and pride)

Trivia Edit

  • Try to use motorcycle(between towns) and bicycle(in towns) as much as possible, as they use the least/no gas. Use bigger vehicles only for transporting "master stash" or heavy quest items(like nuclear reactor parts)
  • Another smart idea is to travel by sea/river with a raft - it can carry the bicycle and small amount of items for reaching distant islands/neighbouring sea towns

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