Fuel for cars and motorcycles

Details Edit

Fuel needed for most vehicles.

  • Item weight : 1 g

Conversion : 1000 items = 1k items = 1000 g = 1 kg = 1L

For example, 5kk gasoline = 5,000 k gasoline = 5,000 L of gasoline

Description Edit

Gasoline is a very valuable resource in DayR, mostly due to its essential nature in using motor vehicles.

While not extremely useful near the start of the game, it is recommended to horde as much of it as possible, and if it cannot be carried with you, to put it in a easily accessible camp.

Gasoline is required to be in your inventory while using motorized vehicle. Gasoline gets used at an extordinarly fast rate at times.

Usages Edit


Looting Edit

Disassembling vehicles Edit

Broken vehicles found in gas stations, car workshop, on the road, ... can be either disassembled with a Tool kit or drained to retrieve fuel without any tools . Quantities of fuel depends on vehicle type :

NPC Trading Edit

  • Sulfuric acid x1 > Gasoline x1k (Tiumen)

Shopping Edit

  • 100k gasoline for 500 caps

Trivia Edit

  • Try to use motorcycle (between towns) and a bicycle with a cart (in towns) as much as possible, as they use the least/no gas. Use bigger vehicles only for transporting "master stash" or heavy quest items (like nuclear reactor parts) to reduce the (fuel used)/(workload) ratio. As a general rule, vehicles should always be loaded at their maximum workload when going back to base to maximise fuel usage.
  • Another smart idea is to travel by sea/river with a raft - it can carry the bicycle and small amount of items for reaching distant islands/neighbouring sea towns