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Details Edit

The greenhouse is a construction that allows the player to grow cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Only one kind of plant can be planted at a time. It takes time to grow food and occupies the whole structure.

It requires a substantial amount of resources, including valuable and heavy cement, and a lot of heavy bricks.

It is recommended to start growing wheat or corn first, as these can be ground into flour then used in a chain of trades which leads to cement, a key component for more greenhouses and a cellar.

Plants won't rot when fully grown. If you don't need to use them, don't harvest them. Harvest only one greenhouse at a time, do your cooking (pickling) then harvest the next, to avoid wasting food. It is recommanded to build a cellar before building a greenhouse, to preserve fruits and vegetables from rotting too quickly.

It is recommanded to build multiple greenhouses for trading purposes.

Plantations Edit

Plant Needed for planting Harvesting Time before harvest
Potatoes 50 250-300 4 months
Tomatoes 25 200-250 4 months
Cucumber 25 200-250 4 months
Cabbages 15 100-200 4 months
Wheat 50 200-250 4 months
Corn 25 150-200 4 months
Apples 10 200-250 4 months

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

Recipe is unlocked at Survival level . It requires :

  • Firewood x1,000
  • Nail x500
  • Scrap x5,000
  • Glue x500
  • Brick x4,000
  • Cement x8
  • Iron Pipe x20
  • Potassium Nitrate x10
  • Colloidal Sulfer x1
  • Coal x100
  • Water Purifier
  • Workbench

Result :

  • Greenhouse mark
  • Survival + Xp

After placing the mark, each construction "action" builds 1% of the structure.

Shopping Edit

  • 15,000 caps ("base" tab)