This is a truck with a big carrying capacity. Needs diesel fuel.

Details Edit

  • Weight of 1 piece: 7 tons
  • Protect: 3000
  • Light bonus: 50 %
  • Speed bonus: 75 %
  • Max Workload : 50 tons
  • Fuel Consumption per 100 km: 35 L Diessel
  • Item remains unbroken for: 8300 km (4744 km v454)
  • Shop: 15 000 Caps

Location Edit

One can be found in the Barabinsk Camp, you need to kill the bandits in the camp and repair it.

Second one can be found in Kiew, you need to kill the bandits in the camp in Kiew and repair it.

Third one is around Sverdlowsk, can't remember where exactly.

Fourth can be found in Zavodoukovsk, Military bandit camp extremely difficult. Must be repaired.

At certain bandit military camps I have found you may find them there if victorious. Eg I just found one after clearing a very difficult bandit base in 'village'.

Assemble Edit

Kamaz broken

Broken v454

Requires Mechanics skill level 10

Repair Edit

Trivia Edit

If your goal in game is obtain BelAZ, you must save the Diesel to carry the Reactor parts

  • Can carry other KamAZ without problem (the problem is obtain other)

Real Life Edit

Kamaz taifun

original KamAZ-Taifun truck

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