Mi-24 helicopterEdit



Helicopter Mi-24. Needs diesel fuel. Arming: guided missiles

Details Edit

  • Weight: 8 tons
  • Power: 20000
  • Protect: 40000
  • Radiation resist: 95 %


  • Protection against biting: 95%
  • Protection against fractures: 95%
  • Protection against bullet wound: 95%
  • Protection against acid: 95%
  • Light bonus: 80 %
  • Speed bonus: 1000 %
  • Max. workload: 6.95 tons
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km 120 L.
  • Item remains unbroken for 1000000 km

Shop: 60 k Caps

uses: Diesel

Repair Edit

Broken mi24

Broken v454


  • To get the parts you may also complete the Family Matters quest.
    Broken mi24-0

    Broken v451

Hints Edit

Online, you need to have at least one missile to get the attack value so you can boost other not just the Mi-24

Real World Edit

original Mi-24 helicopter
Mi24 ru 1

original Mi.24 helicoter

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