• Motorcycle need gasoline for using.
  • Weight of 1 piece: 330 kg
  • Light bonus: 50 %
  • Speed bonus: 500 %
  • Max. workload: 400 kg
  • Fuel consumption per 100km: 5 L
  • Item remains unbroken for: 1500 km
  • Shop: 2500 Caps

Crafting Edit

  • Mechanics lvl: 6
  • 1x Broken motorcycle
  • 15x Motorcycle's parts
  • 2x spark plug
  • 3kx machine oil
  • 15x insulating tape
  • 1x Tool kit

Repair Edit

  • Motorcycle's parts x1
  • Machine Oil x100
  • Insulating tape x3
  • Tires x1
  • Tool kit

Broken motorcycleEdit

Broken moto-0

Broken v454

Broken moto

Broken v451

This is broken motorcycle Ural with side-car. Maybe, I could repair it.

Weight of 1 piece: 350 Kg

Disassemble Edit

  • Broken motorcycle x1
  • Tool kit x1

Result Edit

  • Gas (300-1000)
  • Motorcycle's parts (3-5)
  • Tires (0-2)


It is rarer to find this than any other broken-down cars/vehicles, so this makes maintenance for this vehicle a bit harder.

Real Life Edit

BN-CJ856 0416My HD 20140415172646

original motorbike "Ural"

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