Need gasoline for fuel


  • Item weight : 350 kg
  • Light bonus: 50 %
  • Max. workload: 350 kg
  • On-road/Off-road speed  : 56 - 32 km/h
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km: 4 L
  • Durability : 1700 km

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

Recipe unlocked at Mechanics lvl 6. It requires :

Shopping Edit

You can buy this vehicle in the game-shop for 5000 caps.

Actions Edit

Use/Remove Edit

Drop Edit

Repair (wear and tear -20%) Edit

Repairing this vehicle will give +25 Mechanics Xp.

Disassemble Edit

You can disassemble this vehicle with tools. Result :

Notice you won't get a disassembled motorcycle doing so.


  • Broken motorcycle are rarer to find than any other broken-down cars/vehicles, making maintenance for this vehicle a bit harder.
  • Design is taken from the real-life Ural off-road ready sidecar motorcycle :
BN-CJ856 0416My HD 20140415172646

original motorbike "Ural"