Murmansk is the first city you need to go after you start the game for the Searching of Truth quest. It is also the biggest city in the region, surrounded by other smaller cities and a shallow water river. It is also near KolaSeveromorsk and the Airport.
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About Edit

Murmansk has two parts of the Searching Of Truth quest. It is also where you get the radio for the Retribution quest. Its radiation is low-average (around 0.8 per hour). This city is definitely worth stopping at in any play through, as not only it is necessary for the main quest and a profitable secondary, but it also has many important beginner items, like gas masks and two broken bicycles.

Hunting Edit

The player should be careful when entering the city, as it is home to an extremely aggressive old lynx. Entering the town without at least an axe can be dangerous. The following animals can be hunted:

Buildings Edit

Murmansk possesses the following special buildings:

It also has 14 intact houses, 6 ruins, 5 car spots and 1 dirty water crater.

Notable Loot Edit

  • The Hospital has Metocaine and Alcohol
  • The Northeast car point has a Mystery Coupon

Vehicles Edit

The following vehicles can be found broken on the streets:

Real Life Edit


Murmansk is north of the Arctic Circle and so in summer it has endless days and in winter it has endless nights.

Murmansk was the last city founded in the Russian Empire. In 1915, World War I needs led to the construction of the railroad from Petrozavodsk to an ice-free location on the Murman Coast in the Russian Arctic, to which Russia's allies shipped military supplies.