Random weather event may occur at any time. A message will pop up when the event begins and when it ends. Dangerous events are announced in advanced through a pop-up message and an icon visible in the "location" panel.

The table bellow lists weather events, and how to mitigate or avoid negative effects. When "Defense method : Shelter" is written, you may take shelter in the following buildings or vehicles :

Notice motorcycle and bikes won't work.

  • Town buildings
  • Survivors' bases
  • Hut, tent, wooden or brick house, dugout, cellar
  • Savepoints buildings

Weather types Edit

Acid rain An acid cloud is visible 2 hours before the acid rain. No effects.
Acid cloud
  • +15 Poison/hour, Acid burns (rare)
  • Lasts 2 hours
  • Defense method : Shelter or building
Acid rain

Black ash cloud

  • -100 daylight
  • Lasts 7 days
  • Can't be avoided, can be mitigated by using light sources.
Black cloud
Dust storm

Dark clouds are visible 4 hours before the dust storm. No effects.

The horizon is getting dark. Looks like a dust storm.
Dust cloud
  • -50% speed, +10 Exhaustion/hour, +10 Radiation/hour
  • Lasts 14 hours
  • Defense method : Shelter
  • Cause Desert fever disease if without defense
Dust storm

Earth tremors can be felt 8 hours before an earthquake. No effects.

I felt several tremors. I should move away from the town.

Earthquake 1
  • +50 Exhaustion/hour, multiple traumas like concussion, dislocation and fracture
  • Lasts 2 hours
  • Can only happen in cities, harmless outside out cities
Earthquake 2

Rain, light rain

Lighting flashed and thunder boomed. The first raindrops fell on the ground.
  • No negative effects
  • Lasts 3-4 hours
  • When it stops raining you get x1-5 clean water

Thunderstorm, storm

  • Just like rain, but you can get struck by a lightning
  • +50 Exhaustion when strucked by lightning
  • -? speed




A snowy cloud is visible 2 hours before a snowstorm or a blizzard. No effects.

Dark clouds are coming, it's getting cold. I have to look for a shelter and a source of heat.



  • Speed -50%, +10 Exhaustion/hour (total +240)
  • Lasts 10 hours
  • Defense method : Shelter, Heat source.
Snow storm


  • Speed -25%, +2 Exhaustion /hour (total +144)
  • Lasts 3 days
  • Defense method : Shelter, Heat source.
Snow blizzard
Flight of the Brick "When I was walking down the deserted street the brick wall of a nearby house collapsed and I got a stroke at the head with a brick. Well, every cloud has a silver lining: I have a brick now".


  • Exhaustion (+5)