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thx at TheBigBadWolf.85

Unlike other enemies the queen of bees will reappear about every 1-2 weeks of game time. so come back often

Location Edit

Hive in center of Ufa

 Injuries Edit

  • Exhaustion
  • Bleeding (Exh x2)
  • Poisoning (Exh x4)

Trauma Edit

  • Acid Burns

Drop Edit

numbers are examples e.g. my acid level is the number of acid you get when you win.

The drops increase at intervals when she is killed, permanently going up by five acid and five honey each time. The Chitin drop is random, and roughly 4-6x the amount of acid being dropped.

Her difficulty goes up incrementally as well.

Hints Edit

it is advisable to get/ask for a boost after about 20 kills even vets will need a boost to kill her without getting injured