You will constantly face radiation hazards, when eating certain food or being in certain areas. Avoid spending time eating and sleeping in contaminated areas when you could easily reach a safe area nearby.

You can use a Geiger counter to measure radiation levels. If the area where you are is clean (+0 rad/h), the radioactive logo in the "location" panel will be greyed out. It the area is radioactive, the logo will turn yellow.

Increase Edit

  • Being in a city
  • Being in a radioactive wasteland (areas within red circles on the map, with the trefoil in the center) (Ufa radioactive area : +11.3 rad/h with 0 rad. resistance, 0,6 rad/h with 95% rad resistance)
  • Eating certain mushrooms or certain foods
  • Drinking radioactive lamp (100 Pts)

Decrease Edit

  • Being anywhere that's not a radioactive place listed above (decrease rate -0,75 rad/h)
  • Being on water (water areas are never radioactive, even within radioactive wasteland zones)
  • Being in bandit camps (even within radioactive wastelands zones)
  • Drinking alcohool (Vodka, Wine, Etc-)
  • Using certain drugs (Tidocicline, Tratodonide, Chlorcistamin, Metocoin, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine)