He is an important part of the later stages of the game
Rodkin engineer
  • All missions in Petropavlovsk have to be completed in order to recruit the engineer.
  • You need him for some missions and also to assemble special vehicles

Once you obtain him, you can talk to him or use his repairing skills through the Quest items part of your inventory. Here are his skills:


Repair Armored car "Bardak"
  • 1x Broken armored car
  • 20x Spare parts for armored car
Repair Tank T-72 Ural
  • Broken tank T-72 Ural x1.
  • Tank spare parts x15.
  • Automotive battery x4.
  • Insulating tape x100.
  • Machine oil x40 k.
  • Engineer Rodkin
Repair Helicopter Mi-24
  • 1x Engineer Rodkin
  • 1x Broken helicopter Mi-24
  • 14x Helicopter spare parts

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