This is the most powerful Firearm weapon you can used with arm Trauma,

Mosin short


It is not as powerful as the Mosin Rifle that was used to make this weapon but unlike the Mosin Rifle you can use it with arm trauma which make it very useful.

Most players don't use this weapon because they don't realise that you have to make it. To do this you go to the details of a Mosin Rifle. It is not listed in your skills and is not found by looting.

If your using a Mosin Rifle it is good to have this as a back up as it uses the same ammo.

also it is about half the weigh of a Mosin Rifle.

 Details Edit

  • Weight of 1 piece: 2.3 kg
  • Power 1250

Item remains unbroken for: ? uses

uses 7,64x54 Ammo

Recipe Edit




Make  "Sawn-off shotgun"



Location Edit

  • this weapon is not found by looting. It has to be made from a Mosin Rifle

Trivia Edit

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