After finishing the Remember all quest you will get this quest.

The Horror Edit

1) This is horrible... I'm all in a tremor... the city is dead!Everywhere these skulls with gaping mouths, piles of skeletons dressed in snippets of clothes. These scenes returned again and again before my eyes! who or what could kill them all? What should I do now? I don't know.

Now I go to Murmansk (Му́рманск). I hope someone out there can explain me what happened. I hope there is someone to explain me that...

Murmansk is not that far it is just down the road/railway line as you approach you will see the quest icon.

2) Its's all over.Murmansk is dead. There is no electricity nor water. I will try to find something that can explain the awful deaths and the reason of my survival.

Find the last issue of newspaper "Murmansk messenger")

Need Items:

  • Newspaper "Murmansk messenger"
Hint: You can find it as the Post office in the middle of town

3) It can be seen how briefly the activists triumphed... At least, this newspaper gives some clue. If there was a war or an epidemic - the lack of gasoline wouldn't be on the front page. But the interruption of fuel supply must have some reasons also. I hope, the situation in the next town is different... (follow to find new evidence in Petrozavodsk (Петрозаводск))

Need Items

Found Items:

  • Newspaper "Murmansk messenger"

Newspaper "Murmansk messenger"

The members of the public organization "Our 
Murmansk" issued an official requirement to the 
town council: They want to know the causes of a 
fuel crisis. For the third day already there is no 
cars in the streets of our city - there is only trolley 
buses. Meanwhile, the activists of Healthy 
Lifestyle enjoy their triumph, (...)


Continue the Retribution quest till you need to go to Moscow. 
Then find a Bicycle (+ cart) or fix a Motorcycle it is a long way by foot.

Rumors Edit

4) On my way to Petrozavodsk I seen the different manifestations of death, and this city is not exception. Well, Lets see what we can find here. (find a letter of a soldier)

Need items:

  • Soldier's Letter
  • Place to go Military base

5) In the military unit, I found an interesting letter of a soldier. He talks about the fluster in the military unit, and of the rumors about the impending war. The war would explain a lot, except the unusual deaths. (go to Severodvinsk (Северодвинск))

Need items:

  • Place to go Severodvinsk

Found Items:

  • Soldier's letter

Soldier's letter

I hope that they don't read our letters yet. 
Yesterday I overheard a conversation and since 
then I have not stopped trembling. General 
Markov discussed with someone the reform plan 
to begin a war. This week already!!!  They were 
talking not only about the infantry and vehicles, 
but about nuclear attack! I'm going to escape. 
Mom, if you are reading this, stock the products 
and start looking for a safe shelter far from the 
city! I will try to find you. Love you, son.

6) On the streets of Severodvinsk, there are mostly corpses of soldiers, judging by snippets of clothes. People were dying right in their homes, not allowed to go outside by authorities in a vain attempt to hold back the unknown enemy. Maybe someone knew the truth? I should look for answers in a district hospital. (find the diary of a sanitary assistant)

Need items:

  • Place to go Hospital
  • Diary of a sanitary assistant

Unknown Enemy Edit

7) I found a diary of a sanitary assistant. I doubt that these described patients with burns and the rest (died without symptoms) are associated with just one event. But such a conclusion just comes to my mind. I just need to understand how it is connected. Is it a combination of biological and nuclear weapons? No chance to find the answer until I understand who was the aggressor. (Go to Vologda (Вологда)).

Need items:

  • Place to go Vologda

Found Items:

Diary of a sanitary assistant Edit

They brought a few dozen of wounded with burns 
of varying degrees to our hospital. But it was not
a fire, such burns are typical for victims of 
radiation, such are usually brought from 
shipbuilding yard, after accidents at nuclear
 submarines... But they are usually two or three, 
not so much! It is only half of the problem - we 
are still locked up here in the hospital. We are 
sitting here for the second day already without 
any contacts.  Everyone gets rattled.

8) On the outskirts of the city I found a dead body of a man holding a film camera in his hands. He was definitely filming something prior to his death. This could be some family video, but I must check. I have to find a photo lab to develop this film. (Find a photo lab and develop the film. You need: developing tank, developer, fixative and clean water.)

Need items:

  • Developing tank
  • Developer
  • Fixative
  • Clean water.
  • Place to go Photo Lab

9) This fan of movies and nature filmed the explosion. You cannot confuse nuclear explosion with anything! It could explain a lot, but it also lead me to some new questions. The main question is still the same: who is our enemy? (follow to Yaroslavl (Ярославль))

Need items:

  • Place to go Yaroslavl

Found Items:

  • Film stock

Film Stock

Now the film is transparent and you can view it. 
Picturesque landscapes is suddenly turns into a 
large mushroom cloud on the horizon. The 
camera immediately starts shaking and after it is
dropped on the ground.

10) Yaroslavl looks different. All other cities were destroyed, just like after war. Here, something strange is happened: there is no such ruins, but the people... Looking at these skeletons, it seems that they were just falling down on the streets, dying instantly. But what was the cause? I feel, I'm already close to the truth. (Search for something extraordinary)"},

Need items:

  • Place to go Big Crater

Ground Zero Edit


11) I found several unusual photos of a panicking crowd on a destroyed street. There is also a strange crater with a scarlet glowing object. Last photo represents this object, but it is already dark-red. It seems like the red-hot metal had cooled down

Need items:

  • Place to go Crater

12 There it is, the street from the photo. There is a crater and a lot of skeletons, but the strange red object is missing. Who could take it? I start my searching by checking the local police department.

Need items:

  • Place to go Police station

13) These guys didn't even manage to bring this red thing into the station... They all dropped dead right in front of the door. It's a capsule. It is made of some lightweight metal, but it is very hard at the same time. The front part of the capsule has been opened. It's empty. I think, it's a shell, perhaps for a biological weapon. No wonder the police officers died so fast... I definitely shouldn't touch this capsule. There is nothing to do here. I have to check the other big towns to find more answers. (go to Nizhny Novgorod (Нижний Новгород)

Need items:

  • Place to go Nizhniy Novgorod

Death Edit

14) Here is another one ruined hospital. The scene is still the same - skeletons are all around, a lot of them are dressed in snippets of medical uniform. It is unthinkable, what had happened here... In the hall of hospital there are a lot of stretchers with dead bodies - patients were dying before getting treatment. Medical staff also was lucked out. Clearly, no one knew how to cope with this disaster... This building can collapse at any moment, I don't want to stay here any more. I will find as much medicines as I can and maybe, some documents, and then I'll leave.

Need items:

  • Hospital charts
  • Place to go hospital

15) I found a folder with hospital charts in the bookcase. So, it's still some biological weapons. But the nuclear explosion, how to explain it? How it is connected with an epidemic? I have to know... (follow to Cheboksary (Чебоксары).

Need items:

  • Place to go Cheboksary

Found Items:

  • Hospital charts

Hospital charts

The disease begins with asthenia and fever. 
Symptoms of intoxication increase, such as 
dehydration and mental impairment. In a few 
hours (in a 10-20 minutes in the worst case) fatal 
outcome occures. The autopsists' reports didn't 
clarify anything: lesion of kidney, liver, heart... and 
in conclusion - some unknown infection as a 
cause of disease.

16) I almost got used to all these horrible scenes of death. I feel having an endless nightmare with destroyed cities, with dead bodies gaping hollow orbits on the streets... I have almost lost hope to meet somebody alive. I have lost even my feelings, I'm just instinctively surviving. But I have to know what the hell had happened! Maybe this knowledge will lead me to someone who had survived!..

Need items:

  • Policeman's Diary
  • Place to go: Police department of Cheboksary

 17) I found a policeman's diary in the local police department. He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, judging by uneven handwriting. Poor guy... And now I have a first reference to a radiation injury!.. ..And to unknown virus also. Maybe the explosion caused spreading of virus? Or these two disasters aren't connected to each other? Anyway, I'm getting close to the truth! I have to go on moving while I'm able to go. I still hope to find people. (follow to Kazan (Казань))

Need items:

  • Place to go Kazan

Found Items:

Policeman's Diary

The phone doesn't stop ringing, but nobody have 
time to answer. Only ten or fifteen person left in 
our department, the most of them are becoming 
demented. I'm not sure I will keep my sanity and 
my life also. It's a real apocalypse!
Today our people rebelled again, they become 
more and more mad every day. Broken 
shopwindows and crumpled cars are 
everywhere, marauders have grown insolent. We 
just can't stop it already: all our requests for help 
to other departments were ignored. I'm afraid, 
the situaion is similar in the nearby cities.
And nobody knows, what the fuck is going on! 
People are dying, and the medics can't explain it. 
I heard two doctors talking about a radiation 
injury, but the newspapers tell about some 
unknown virus... The world has gone totally mad!

Human Life Edit

Screenshot 20170402-220653
 EVENT: Upon arrival at Kazan 
you will encounter a Crazy Person 
you need to attack and kill him to proceed.
(This is not hard and there is no trauma to you)

19) I'm trembling... I just can't realize what has just happened. At last, I met a human, but it was far from a meeting that I was waiting for... I come in the abandoned house looking for some food. I saw him in the room.  He had hidden behind some broken furniture. I could just discern his bloody hands and some tatters he was dressed in. And his mad eyes... He jumped to me, and began to beat me, spluttering and roaring, he even tried to bite me! I sent him flying to the wall, he banged his head and went limp. It was a human being. The only human being I met... And I killed him. What the hell could make him mad?  (go to Ulianovsk (Ульяновск)

Need items:

  • Place to go Ulianovsk
  • Pick up the loot from the Crazy Person
 HINT: this is a good location to head to Ufa and Tyumen to beg for 
acid for fuel if you want. 
but I not a recommend course of action as you will need to come back
to this location to continue the quest.

20) I found another one's diary. I think it was a patient of hospital. He also talks about a virus. The awful epidemic killed these people. I should be careful - the virus may be still active. And I still have to know something about this nuclear explosion.

Need items:

  • Place to go Syzran

Found items

Patient's diary

My fever increases... My doctor promises that I'll 
be all right. But he doesn't look confident. 
Furthermore, I think, he doesn't care. Nobody 
cares... There is only one nurse in our unit, we're 
out of drugs. 
Wards are full of patients, and a dozen of us die 
everyday. I still don't know what's happen to my 
family - we got to the different wards. I can't walk 
without anyone's help, and nobody answers my 
questions. I heard a doctor talking about 
spreading of infection. Our fate has already 
I see all this people suffering and dying. I'm not 
even sure that it's all real... I already loose my 


HINT: Syzran is inside a radiation zone. 
Use  chlorcistamin to increase radiation resistance or travel fast. 
The radiation level in city is less than just outside
 - Edge of the city is about 3.5 rad/hour 
 - Inside Syzran it is about 0.7 rad/hour 
so travel fast and get into the city as fast as you can. 
Then do the same in reverse. 
Remember to use vodka and meds to reduce radiation and keep 
it below 20 or max 30 else you will get radiation sickness.

21) Seems like there's nothing useful here. I found just an article from some "yellow" newspaper. It's a letter of some crazy woman who talks about her kidnapping by aliens. Nonsense! I didn't get any information. I leave. (follow to Saratov (Саратов)

Need items:

  • Place to go Saratov

Hint: if you have not used chlorcistamin it is best to exit the rad zone as fast as you can. if you have and have a motorcycle or car you can travel onward to Saratov with in about 13 hours so make sure your out.

22) I found a dictaphone, but it's not working. I should find the batteries.

Need items:

  •  Doctors Diary (make the dicaphone work)
Hint: To get the doctors diary you need to make 
the dicaphone work.
It can be found in the quest items and you 
need to load 3 batteries to get it to work.

Hope Edit

23) Finally, I found something interesting! It's a diary of a scientist, female doctor who were studying the unknown lethal disease. And she supposed to have an immunity herself! If it's true, she may be alive! Anyway, now I have a hope to find a sane person alive. I go to Volgograd (Волгоград) following the doctor.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Volgograd

Found Items:

Doctor's Diary (dictaphone)

Now I'm sure that the radiation injury wasn't the 
real cause of deaths. I has doubted until today 
because of symptoms of radiation sickness. 
But this morning I made analysis of patients' 
blood once more and finally I found antibodies (I 
think, to some infectional factor). I knew it from 
the very beginning - this disease is spreading like 
the typical infection. 
However, our antibiotics are ineffective. Maybe 
we should try antiviral therapy. Furthermore, I 
must find out the reason of my own resistance to 
this infection. As soon as I will succeed in 
treatment of patients, I will go to other cities to 
continue my research. 
Probably, some results of my work will be 
helpful. First of all, I want to visit Volgograd 
(Волгоград). I have to know what is the scope of 
epidemic. I never seen such an agressive 
infectious agent. It's hard not to panic 

24) If I want to find the doctor, I should go to a hospital.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Volgograd hospital
  • Doctor's Diary

25) The local hospital is utterly ruined, just like the previous one. But there is a lab in the basement, and one can see that somebody was working there not a long time ago. Judging by papers I found, it was the doctor of Saratov. It seems that she was succeed... Great, it means that the methods of treatment was found in spite of everything! My hope to meet somebody became stronger. I should follow the doctor to find people. She wrote something about Astrakhan (Астрахань).

 Need items:

  • Place to go Astrakhan

Found Items :

Doctor's Diary (paper)

At last, we have a result - the antiviral therapy is
working! The symptoms of disease are 
supressed for the most of patients. If we will 
apply my treatment scheme everywhere, the only 
problem left will be the radiation sickness. 
I will leave my recommendations to collegues 
and will move on. I have taken a lot of anti-
radiation drugs, and I already feel the side 
effects. But I must share my discovery with my 
collegues in Astrakhan (Астрахань). I'm afraid, 
the disease is spreading extremely fast. Our 
purpose is to save as many lifes as we can.

26) To a hospital!

 Need items:

  • Place to go Astrakhan hospital

27) I didn't find any doctor's notes in the local hospital. Maybe she even didn't came to Astrakhan... I lost my hope again. But I was so close... Okay, let's look for some other evidences here. Maybe I will find some drugs... There is nothing interesting here. Probably, I should check some scientific institutions. Nearby, I saw a building with a ruined signboard on which one can see the word "university". I'll go there.

Need items:

  • Place to go Astrakhan Med. University

Found items:

Diary of a doctor from Elista

We started to use widely my therapy scheme. But 
the question of immunity left open. I suppose 
some people have it, I can't be the only one! We 
continue our research...

On the trail Edit

Before heading of to Elista you can drop a lot of your 
gear near Astrakhan as you will be back here again soon.

 28) I knew it! I found an another lab in the university (it was a medical university, I suppose). On the table there was the papers with doctor's notes. She talks about more patients cured by her therapy.  And another one reference to an immunity... The doctor also considered some people to have an immunity. There is just one question: if some people were cured, where are they now? Probably, they migrated to avoid the radiation injury. Anyway, I have to move on, if I want to find them. The next point of the doctor's notes is Elista (Элиста).


Need items:

  • Place to go Elista

 29) I will check the hospital at first.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Elista hospital

 30) Something is wrong. It seems like my doctor didn't arrive to Elista. I should return to that strange barrier, I saw it on my way from Astrakhan. It was looking queerly indeed.

Need items:

  • Place to go strange barrier

Found items:

Doctors Diary (Paper Elista)

At last, we got some good news! In the 
Astrakhan university our collegues started to 
cure successfully this awful disease. It's very 
important achievement, because we have lost 
thousands of people already. Our collegues 
promised to visit us, but they didnt't arrive. And 
now, I feel it too. Latent period is over, the 
disease makes rapid progress. I'm dying. It's too 


Hint: it is the location with the 
magnifying glass that you passed 
to get to Elista

Kidnapping Edit

 31) It is just a self-made barrier, a simple plank swathed by a red ribbon. There are some dark spots on it, I think, it was blood. But there is one more evidence: a pile of skeletons near the roadside.   Maybe there is my doctor among them. But I can't determine it precisely. All these people were probably killed by bandits. There was their camp here with a trap for travelers.  The bandits robbed and killed these people, they took their cars and stuff. Well, there is a turning off track, maybe it will lead me to a bandits' camp. I should be careful.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Abandoned bandits' Shelter

 32) I found an abandoned bandits' camp. There are several different cars here (without gasoline, unfortunately), a lot of stuff, especially of weapons.  But the most interesting compartment of bandit's house is a cellar. The iron plate with a big lock surely hides something valuable. I can't open it with my tools. I need to find a grenade, grenade-gun ammo or craft some explosive myself.


 Need items:

  • Captive doctors diary (at the Abandoned bandits shelter)

Hint the item you need is in the cellar. but you need to break it open which needs explosives like a grenade. you can find a grenade by searching the shelter as some were left behind.. what luck!

 33) Great! The door have just been wrested open! Inside, I found a lot of stuff and something interesting else: diary of a captive woman. The handwriting of this woman is the same that the doctor's one. Maybe she is still alive! Anyway, I will follow the bandits. I should equip myself properly...

 Need items:

  • Place to go Orenburg

Items found:

Captive Doctors diary

Page 1

July 25, 1985. Bandits killed our driver. I was captured. In the first days they just
 had raped me and made me to cook and to wash. One day, when Ivan was in a 
good mood, I tried to explain him the importance of my mission. He understood 
just one thing - that I'm a doctor. They didn't let me go, but their attitude to me 
became better. However, I still obliged to go to bed with Ivan, but he doesn't beat 
me anymore and sometimes he ask me if I need help.

Page 2

August 6, 1985. I haven't had monthlies during a long time yet. Most probably I'm 
pregnant. Why so? Why me? No answer. This is just my destiny, and I should be 
grateful for being alive. But the drug is still here with me, and the doctors of Elista 
might just try to reproduce it according to my instructions. I'll try to call them, if it 
will be possible.

Page 3

August 12, 1985. There was a firefight, it seems like we attract too much 
attention of other bandits. They are everywhere. Petr was seriously wounded. I 
told I hadn't instruments and medicins required. For a few hours, Ivan drove an
 ambulance with a young nurse who was badly frightened. Her name is Nina. 
Together, we put stitches in the Petr's wound. Then they raped Nina. I tried to stop 
them, but it was useless. How I wish to poison them all... But I would have to 
sacrifice myself for this. They make me to taste all their food. Bastards... Nina 
lives with me now. She couldn't stop crying during a few hours before she calmed 
down. Then she was just sitting and staring in a wall in silence.

Page 4

September 2, 1985. They don't touch me anymore, because now they have Nina. 
She never came to herself, never spoke, she doesn't even cry. Today we move 
somewhere. I heard something about Orenburg. I don't think they want to go 
directly in the city, but who knows...




Best to head back to Astrakhan as you can only cross 
the Volga River at Astrakhan or at the top of the green area
at Volgograd. 
If you searched the shelter there is a 
complete ZAZ-968 so if you have the fuel 
take the car 

 34) This is the immense city, where I have to find some evidence of bandits' presence. I start searching.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Nurse's grave
The Nurse's grave is located just on the 
western edge of the city of Orenburg 

Too Late Edit

 35) I think, it's a grave of the young nurse. The doctor didn't know her family name, that's why there is just a surname on the headstone. Poor Nina... She survived after the apocalypse, but the vile human nature killed her in the new world. This grave with the headstone was made very carefully. The burial must had taken a lot of time... Maybe I'll find more tracks. Bandits surely were here.

 Need items:

  • Shelter2
    Place to go Abandoned survivors camp
The Abandoned survivors camp is on the 
eastern edge of the city of Orenburg

 36) This house is perfectly fortified. Somebody lived here after the disaster. But now this house is abandoned. Let's look for something interesting.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Room of an abandoned survivors camp (western place)

Relief Edit

 37) I found this woman's diaries. Now it's clear: she is the doctor that I look for. Judging by her notes, she survived and found her own place in the new world. She might be still alive. There is no evidences of disaster here, it looks like the people just gone. Maybe I'll find some other notes or tracks.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Room of an abandoned survivors camp (center place)

 38) I found some notes about a leader of this base, Igor. What a creepy stories! Now there is no law, no civilized society. And no  allusion to where the people gone. I will look for something else. P.S. By the way, the doctor's name is Svetlana.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Room of an abandoned survivors camp (eastern place)

 39) That's finally a track! They gone to save themselves from bees. Surely, such a leader like Igor, can't let his people die. They moved to find a safe place for a new base.

 Need items:

The Truth Edit


 40) At last, I found these people! There is a quite large base here. I should talk with Svetlana.

 Need items:

  • Place to go Svetlana (Talk)


(You see a woman in her early forties. She wears a medical uniform. She looks like a person of a certain determination and force

  • Hello

Hello, soldier. I haven't see you before

  • I've never been here.

Welcome to our camp. We always give a shelter to the good people. You could even stay here for a long time, if you are ready to work. What do you want?

  • It's you! You had invented the cure for the infection! And then you was taken prisoner by the bandits, you stayed in Orenburg after release and you moved here, to Magnitigorsk because of giant bees!

Svetlana looks at you in mute amazement) [...]

  • next...

How did you know this?

  • I found your diaries in Saratov. I followed you to Orenburg, then I was searching for you everywhere I went.

Amazing... Well, you found me. What will you do next?

  • (two questions)
Svetlana will tell you details of what happens "The Truth"
After talking to her she and other survivors will off you jobs (Quests)

41) I think, my search of truth is intermitted here. I knew as much as possible, except the origin of virus.  

The Quest is Complete