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The secret stashes have not been removed Edit

"Secret Stashes" are a little known part of the game where large stashes of valuable goods are located within the black border edges of towns. The premium Electrocar is the best known example of a secret stash. However others do exist and can be found by carefully tracing around the border region of towns with the explore window open. They are very rare and an enormous amounts of time can be fruitlessly wasted looking for them. So if you do stumble across one, please share it. The secret stashes have been removed...this is only for anyone curious of what a secret stash was.

Prirechnyi Secret Stash Edit

This is useful in the first few days, especially the backpack.

  • Location - South-West from Nikel.

You can also search the buildings for an Axe, Cans, Matchesand clothes- everything you need for a strong start.

Prirechnyi stash

Tula Secret Stash Edit

Tula secret spot

Secret Stash in Tula.. South-West Of Moscow. Anywhere on the dirt in Tula. Credit to Alex Ct for finding it.

Zlatoust Secret Stash Edit

Zlatoust Stash
This stash boasts a haul of AK-74 ammo, plus some food and other goodies. Reaching it is simple: First travel to the survivor city Chelyabinsk. From Chelyabinsk follow the road West. Zlatoust is the third city along the road. The stash is located in the border adjacent to the West corner of the road.(Or actually anywhere on the ground in this city). Not in new version :(

Izhevsk Secret Stash Edit

Screenshot 20160522-094309
Izhevsk can be found about 300 klicks due North of Ufa. Search to find a good haul of AK and makarov ammo plus a months supply of canned food. The bandits patrolling the town can make life hell for a low level player.