Homemade gun


Details Edit

  • Atk damage: 650

It ressembles a early pistol, like a flintlock. It is not hard to make, but the bullets are not that easy to obtain. It is apparently not very effective.

Requires Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Uses homemade bullet
  • When you craft this gun, you obtain a "Unloaded" version. You had to manually load the pistol with gunpowder and the bullet to get the "Loaded" version. Now you still spawn with the unloaded version, but it automatically loads now.
  • Is one handed (usable with a arm trauma)
  • The perfect example of waste of flint and gunpowder Not true, it's more gunpowder efficient than the Makarov | I am not sure,its more of the bullets that are time taking to craft.
  • This weapon can only shoot one bullet before it needs to be reloaded. To have multiple shots, you will need to make multiple loaded guns. Its heavy weight makes carrying around 2-5 loaded guns very impractical. (Patched, now it doesn't need manual reloading)

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