Rocket launcher ammo

Fire in the Hole!

Crafting this thing is a luxury among all better Assasin survivalists.

Recipe Edit

Need:(Mechanical Skill lvl 10):

  • Jet fuel x200
  • Plastic explosives x300
  • Gunpowder x100
  • Scrap Metal x10
  • Iron pipe x1
  • Glue/Duct tape x5
  • Wire x5
  • Primer x1
  • Tool kit/Workbench
  • Bellows
  • Forge Chimney


  • Self-made rocket x1
  • Mechanical skill +50
  • Forging +5

Trivia Edit

You need ~50 Sugar/2 Rocket, if you calculate the tratotonid cost, so you should start gathering Sugar if you really want to use these beauties in battle.

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