Rocket launcher


The dream of all survivors

*Attention* This weapon has ben removed with the update of august 2017 and is no longer avaiable.

Details Edit

Crafting Recipe Edit

  • Scrap metal x40
  • Firewood x4
  • Iron pipe x1
  • Glue or duct tape x20
  • Nail x10
  • Wire x20
  • Workbench
  • Bellows
  • Forge chimney (burning)

Usage Edit

  • Killing bandit scum
  • Getting 100 mechanic experience from fairly common ingredients
  • Can be used with self made rockets

Trivia Edit

  • This gun is the strongest handmade weapon with 2300 base power (more than the F-1 Grenade!), so, Handle with Care!
  • The ammunition requires a large amount of sugar to create (20), which is fairly hard to obtain.
  • The rocket launcher has a power equal to firewood when there is no ammunition for it.
  • It has its own special sound, which is very popular among survivors.

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