This Item has been replaced with Sewing needle



Sewing kit: needles, thimble, scissors...

Weight of 1 piece:200 grammes

Item remains unbroken for:200 uses

  • Sewing is not for men, but for the moment, you have, no choice.
  • This is a classic grandma's sewing kit. Can be used 200 times (0% wearout when found)

Found In:Edit

  • Intact house
  • Tailor shop
  • Clothing store
  • Post office
  • Caps shop ( At the lower price of 800 caps for free version and 600 for Premium Version)(why would you buy this when you can simply make a needle ... there are much better uses of caps, such as Diesel for the Moving city quest, or Medicine chest for Alphacelon if you get Radiation sickness or other near-death experiences)


  • The Sewing Kit is a tool to sew up wounds, you need one (and Threads with Vodka!) to sew your lacerations.
  • The Self-made needle is a type of one-use Sewing kit.