Here are all items you can buy for caps and how many caps you need.

Shop page 1Edit

Warning: any coupons you get in multiplayer will not last for long and any that you get in single-player also will not work in multiplayer, so choose wisely Edit

Shop item price
Caps shows quantity
Closed coupon
Mystery coupon 100 caps
Food box
Food box 100 caps
Repair kit transport
Transport repair 100 caps
Repair kit weapons weapon
Weapons repair kit 100 caps
"Handyman" kit 500 caps
Sewing kit 500 caps
Chemistry tool kit
"Beginning chemist" kit 500 caps
Box with necessary food and drink Help box2
Box with necessary

food and drink

500 caps
Medicine chest kit
Medicine chest 500 caps
Soldier kit Star 1
Soldier kit 5k caps
Road warrior kit Star 2
"Road warrior" kit 10k caps
Wasteland ranger kit Star 3
"Wasteland ranger" kit 15k caps
Iron man Star 4
"Iron man" kit 20k caps
Fullmetal trucker kit Star 5
"Fullmetal trucker" kit 25k caps

Shop page 2Edit

Shop item Caps cost
Catridges for makurov
50x Ammo for a

Makarov handgun

250 caps
Ak74 ammo
90x Cartridge for AK-74 250 caps
Mosin ammo
25x Ammo for a Mosin rifle 250 caps
Ammo for revolver
25x Ammo for a revolver 250 caps
3x PG-7B 250 caps
Grenade F-1
3x Grenade F-1 250 caps
Tank shell
3x Tank shell 500 caps
Guided missiles
3x Guided missiles 500 caps
100k Gas 500 caps
250k Diesel 500 caps
KamAZ 10k caps
"Bardaak" Armored car 25k caps
Tank T-72 Ural 50k caps
Helicopter Mi-24 75k caps
BelAZ 100k caps

Shop page 3Edit

Shop item Caps cost
Book cold steel Arms skill
"Cold steel" book 500 caps
Book projectile skill
"Projectile weapon" book 500 caps
Book fireArms skill
"Firearm" book 500 caps
Book explosive skill
"Explosives" book 500 caps
Book driving skill
Driving book 500 caps
Book mechanics skill
Mechanics book 500 caps
Book chemistry skill
Chemistry book 500 caps
Book sewing skill
Sewing book 500 caps
Book blacksmith forging skill
Blacksmith's work book 500 caps
Cookery Book Cooking skill
Cooking book 500 caps
Tourism book survival
Tourism book 1000 caps
Medicine Book
Medicine book 500 caps
Commander's Watch silver
Commander's watch "Silver" 5k caps
Commander's Watch gold
Commander's watch "Gold" 10k caps
Humanitarian aid box
Humanitarian aid box 100 caps

Shop page 4Edit

Shop item Caps cost
Barrel 500 caps
Dugout 1k caps
Wooden house
Wooden house 10k caps
Brick house-0
Brick house 20k caps
Cellar 20k caps
Cement 250 caps
Brick oven
Brick oven(cold) 1k caps
Forge chimney
Forge chimney 5k caps
Blast furnace
Steelmaking furnace 20k caps
Greenhouse 10k caps
Workbench 1k caps
Sewing machine
Sewing machine 1k caps
Chemistry lab
Chemistry lab 1k caps
Draw well
Draw well 1k caps
Water purifier building
Water purifier 5k caps

Mystery CouponsEdit

Sometimes when searching buildings and roads, you may find a Mystery coupon which can offer a discount for a preset item available above. The amount discounted depends on the type of ticket found.

Shop item Caps cost
Coupon 25
Ordinary Coupon -25% caps
Coupon 50
Silver Coupon -50% caps
Coupon 90
Gold Coupon -90% caps