Steelmaking furnace scheme becomes available at level 5 Blacksmithing.

Shop purchase - 25,000 caps
Blast furnace

Building (Steelmaking furnace)


This is a building that cannot be moved once built. It requires a significant amount of time to build. Recommend putting a base down as close as possible to a big city like Omsk, going through every single building in the whole city with a light easy vehicle and exploring for the fire-bricks (disassemble ruined brick ovens), bricks, scrap metal (disassemble cars), iron pipes, insulating tape, nails, wire and auto spare parts. Then get a high workload vehicle like the KamAZ or similar and collect all of everything at once and bring out to a base just outside the city to minimise fuel usage. To get cement, forge 50,000 nails, exchange 50,000 nails for 2,500 tea in Petropavlovsk, exchange 2,500 tea for 12,500 sugar in Novosibirsk then finally exchange 12,500 sugar for 50 cement in Krasnoyarsk Once done, get your big vehicle and drive it back to your base because 50 cement is extremely heavy(1.25 tonnes). To get the automotive batteries, collect a huge amount of flour and trade 100 200 flour for 1 battery in Sverdlovsk (need 1,000 2,000 flour total - can be found in many intact houses, canteens, cafes etc) or trade 4,000 10,000 salt for 1,000 2,000 flour in Tiumen. Can acquire a huge amount of salt by killing strong bandits and collecting from intact houses, canteens and cafes throughout the game. Automotive battery is probably the hardest part of this building.

Finally, achieved this goal. The steelmaking furnace once marked needs to be constructed. To construct it, you need to build it 100 times (or 20 sets of 5 times) which uses bellows and some other bits(shovel, axe, tools?) (lost this bit, but it's easy to achieve once you've done building!) Next step is to kindle:



  • Steelmaking furnace x 1
  • Scrap metal x 5k
  • Coal x 1k (yes, 1,000 bloody coal!)
  • Gasoline x 25k


  • Steelmaking furnace (smelting in progress) x1

Once smelting, the steelmaking furnace will take 3 days to finish and once finished, it will give you 1,000 - 3,000 steel. So for the purposes of moving city quest, you will need to do this miimum of 33 times, maximum of 100 times. This means that a minimum of 100 days, maximum of 300 days are used - definitely need to find something else to do to waste 300 days worth of time in game. Aside from bulletproof vests and trading 1 rope for 1 steel, this is the only way to get steel in the game - as you need 100,000 steel, it's extremely hard to imagine any other way. Good luck!

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