Blast furnace

Steelmaking furnace scheme becomes available at level 5 Blacksmithing. Like any constructible building or structure, it can not be built on save points, in swamps, on coasts or even on water. Also excluded from this are cities (confirmation needed).

As other constructions, the furnace cannot be moved once built.

Details Edit

Here are all materials collected and the area marked for building. When building progress is 100%, the structure is complete.


Additional recommendations Edit

  • This construction will consume a lot of time and materials, it is advised to build it at your main base.
  • Use the vehicle with the maximum workload at your disposition, and load it with materials until you reach 99% weight to save fuel and repair materials.
  • 2 methods for gathering cement (50 cements weights 1 250 kg) :
    1. Scavenging : with a bicycle with cart and a motorized vehicle, explore as many cities as you can/want. gather any valuables in a small camp outside cities, and focus on bringing back cement. You'll come back for the rest later if you can't carry all.
    2. Trading : forge 200,000 nails, exchange 200,000 nails for 2,000 tea in Petropavlovsk, exchange 2,000 tea for 10,000 sugar in Novosibirsk then finally exchange 10,000 sugar for 50 cement in Krasnoyarsk
  • 2 methods to get the automotive batteries :
    1. Trading : collect a huge amount of flour and trade 200 flour for 1 battery in Sverdlovsk (need 2,000 flour total - can be found in many intact houses, canteens, cafes etc) or trade 10,000 salt for 2,000 flour in Tyumen. A huge amount of salt can be acquired by killing strong bandits and collecting from intact houses, canteens and cafes throughout the game.
    2. Crafting : kill bees near UFA, craft Sulfuric acid, then craft automotive batteries from broken batteries.
  • The steelmaking furnace once marked needs to be constructed. To construct it, you need to build it 100 times, and it will uses bellows and some other bits (shovel, axe, tools?) (lost this bit, but it's easy to achieve once you've done building!) Next step is to kindle.

Kindle Edit


  • Steelmaking furnace x 1
  • Scrap metal x 5 000
  • Coal x 1 000
  • Gasoline x 25k


  • Steelmaking furnace (smelting in progress) x1

The smelting process will take 3 days to finish. Once done, it gives 1,000 - 3,000 steel.

Notes Edit

  • For the purposes of moving city quest, you will need to kindle between 33 and 100 times. This represents 33 to 100 days.
  • Aside from bulletproof vests dissassembling and trading 1 rope for 1 steel, this is the only way to get steel in the game.