Advice from the Developers Edit

In game advice:

  • Loot is generated randomly for every player.
  • You can trade in survivors' bases.
  • You can make a knife and an axe from flint.
  • You can get firewood faster if you have an axe.
  • Diseases and injuries are very dangerous.
  • You can get gasoline from broken cars.
  • You can get firebricks from destroyed brick ovens.
  • The map supports multi-touch.
  • Waiting time for getting a package is five times shorter for premium players.
  • The map is displayed in MOM. To see a new map fragment, you need to go toward the edge of the current one.
  • Radiation considerably increases poisoning.
  • Towns are contaminated by radiation.
  • Some items cannot be used if your limbs are injured.
  • Searching at night takes more time without a light source.
  • Improve your skills to unlock new recipes.
  • You need a raft to travel fast on the water.