Want to help contribute to the wiki? Great, you've come to the right place! This is the page for things that need done on the wiki. Feel free to add to the list as necessary---but remember to only mark tasks as done if they've actually been taken care of, for the sake of keeping things accurate.

I have created two groups :

Ongoing Tasks that need review every new version these should generate task below or just done.

Once off tasks are just that once done that can be delete or crossed out(preferred for causal users/editors)

Ongoing Tasks: Edit

  • Find a way to get the game updates logs, and update the article
  • Add categories to all pages without them
  • add new Items from the last update
  • Clean images : don't update a new file name when possible, update an existing file for cleaner wiki !
  • update some of the items
  • need to add in links to items or to other things
  • Add stubs to stub articles category with the {{WIP}} template, and complete them
  • Propose duplicates and unecessary pages for deletion with {{delete}}

Once off Tasks (Specific/Missed) Edit

  • See the Reddit forum to complete the FAQ and to update wiki with valuable informations.
  • Template all the wiki !
  • Gang loots in wasteland and camp attacks
  • Items still missing details just need someone to type what is in the inventory description using the template {{gamequote}}
  • Pages without content or with broken content need to be fixed or marked as 'need review'
  • Forging Skill page need Experience required for level 6
  • Moving City quest suggestions needs updates lists trade for things that no longer possible old content
  • need details for Kalashnikov machine gun (looks mostly done)
  • Create a weapon category "Light Weapons" and add weapons to it you can use with arm trauma (like transport "light")
  • Update Traumas/Diseases page / Cerebral Concussion - Trauma need details / Use of russian version of the website may help
  • update the map with new bandit locations (i.e. North West of urals and East of Moscow)
  • Searching of truth Quest and other quest : create a template to nicely present the lone survivor diary.
  • There are changes that have been made in the most recent update, I can make a video of these changes on my Twitter account @Millwork1075 if needed
  • add in the weapons catdegorie what kind of ammo the weapons uses like crossbow uses bolts plus add in how to make them
  • Fix the Table bug in the Food Catagory Seems fixed ?