With tool kit you can (dis)assemble vehicles.

Details Edit

  • Item weight : 2.5 kg
  • Durability : 200 uses

Obtaining Edit

Looting Edit

  • Intact houses - very rare
  • Post office - rare
  • Garage - uncommon
  • Car workshop - how rare?
  • Department store - uncommon?
  • By completing the Retribution Quest in the airport cellars are one received automatically (confirmed)
  • Buy "Handyman" kit from the Shop (500x caps)
  • Electronics Store - very rare
  • Icebreaker of death-in a safe (confirmed)

Shopping Edit

This item is included in the "Handyman's set" that you can buy in the game shop for 1,000 caps.

Trivia Edit

  • In the beginning, try to find an Axe and a Crowbar (Construction site, Department store), also craft a Flint axe as quickly as possible - they increase loot chances for rarer items. Flashlight, Binoculars and Commander's watches are also excellent findings(later game).
  • Further into the game tools can be replaced by iron or steel tools that can be forged
  • Need x10 for the Moving city quest (steel tools, so steel mill is needed)
  • Needed for setting off nukes in the Retribution quest
  • Needed for repairing / assembling / disassembling vehicles and crafting various items from the Mechanical skill