These details are old please update

Each survivor camp has a trader and you can barter with the trader for items. "Sell 1 Sulfuric acid for 1 Cement" means you have to give 1 cement to get 1 sulfuric acid.

Sverdlovsk (East of Ufa)

  1. Sell 1 Sulfuric acid for 1 Cement
  2. Sell 1 Colloidal Sulfur for 10 Coffee
  3. Sell 1 Battery for 5 Whiskey
  4. Sell 1 Cabbage for 1 Salted Meat
  5. Sell 1 Gas Mask for 50 Flemincilin

Tiumen (East of Sverdlovsk)

  1. Sell 1000 Diesel for 1 Sulfuric acid
  2. Sell 1000 Gasoline for 1 Sulfuric acid
  3. Sell 1 Flour for 1 Salt
  4. Sell 1 Wheat for 10 Threads

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