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Ufa is located about 450 km east of Kasan. You may encounter Giant bee workers and Giant bee soldiers in the radioactive area surrounding the city, and Queen's guards and the Queen of bees in their immense bee hive located at the very center of Ufa.

Ufa is a great location to settle a base, as honey and acid glands are essential for trading.

The Hive Edit

Bee hive

The hive is full of honey, it's a very profitable looting spot. It is divided in nine parts, the queen beeing in the center part.

There is a queen's guard in each part that must be defeated in order to search for honey. Bees will patrol and attack you if you're in the hive when the clock strikes. The patrol generaly consists of a queen's guard. A good way to avoid it is to leave the hive right before the clock strike, and to come back after. It is also possible to avoid it by doing some action (drinking, kindling a fire, butchering a bee, ...) when the clock strikes.

You may find around 1300 honey in the whole hive.

The honey won't respawn until the queen has been defeated. Beware, as the queen grows stronger every time it respawns. It is advisable to completly loot the hive before killing the queen.


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