Details Edit

  • Weight 785 Kg
  • Protect 1000
  • Light bonus 50%
  • Sleep bonus 50%
  • Workload 600 Kg
  • Fuel consumption 100 Km 10L

Assemble Edit

  • Disassembled VAZ-2101 x1

Repair Edit

  • Scrap metal x10
  • Machine oil x5k
  • Tires x4
  • Spark plug x2

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Disassemble Edit

Broken vaz2101

Broken v454

VAZ-2101 d

disassembled v454

From Broken Edit

From Complete Edit

Scrap Edit

  • Scrap Metal x5k - x7.5k
  • Forging +5

Real Life Edit

Lada 1300

The VAZ-2101, commonly Nicknamed "Zhiguli"  and  "Kopeyka"  (for the smallest coin in the kopeyka), is a compact sedan car produced by AvtoVAZ and introduced in 1970, The company's first product.