Water purifier
It helps you collect clean water

Description Edit

This massive tank will draw water from the well beside through pumps and clean it for your convenience.

As other constructions, it can't be moved.

It is required when building Greenhouses. Notice it won't be destroyed nor lose durability in the process.

Some player argue it's a poor idea to use it to get clean water :

  • It's expensive considering you can only get 5,000 Clean water before it breaks.
  • Cleaning the water manually is a cheap and effective way to increase the Chemistry skill.

Crafting Edit

Water purifier building

Recipe is unlocked at Survival Skill level 4. The marking requires :

Once the marking is done, the construction must be complete to 100% with the appropriate tools.

Actions Edit

Disassemble Edit

It does not require tools of any kind to disassemble. Result :

Get water Edit

Repeatable x100 times at once. Result :

Get water (Wear and tear +0.2%) Edit

Repeatable x100 times at once. Result :