WARNING! You can't move nor disassemble your object after its construction.

Here, there is all materials and marking for building. When the construction is over(100%), the object is done.

  • 75% Radiation resist
  • 150% Sleep bonus

Construction: Edit

Wooden house
  • 10k x Firewood
  • 2k x Nail
  • 10k x Scrap metal
  • 1k x Glue or Duct tape
  • 10 x Iron pipe
  • Workbench

Finishing - need 100 times repeat: Edit

  • Tools
  • Shovel
  • Axe

Trivia Edit

  • Relatively expensive,, given that the bonus isn't very big
  • It takes a lot of Firewood cutting, thus you might consider using 2 Chainsaws and "use-drop-pick" tactics to save fuel - you need only 2k Gas
  • A Forge chimney will help with the Nail and Iron pipes requirements

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